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 ISO 22000 about the standard

ISO 22000:2005 what does it mean? Well to give it its full title take a look below:

ISO = International Organisation for Standardisation,
22000 = The standard's number e.g 22000
2005 = date of publication and revision year e.g. 2005)

News: ISO 22000 UKAS accreditation awarded to Independent European Certification Limited (13th June 2006)
After a rigorous and testing pilot scheme organised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Independent European Certification have been formally awarded UKAS accreditation in the following scope areas:

ISO/TS 22003:2013

Category C - Food Manufacturing

Category C1 - Full scope - Processing of perishable animal products

Category C2 - Full scope - Processing of perishable plant products

Category C3 - Full scope - Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products)

Category C4 - Full scope - Processing of ambient stable products

Category D - Animal Feed Production

Category D1 - Full scope - Production of feed

Category E - Catering

Category E - Full scope - Catering

 Stephen Gabbutt (European Certification Manager for Independent European Certification Ltd) commented "that this was a great achievement and thanks should be given to the whole team involved in this project, the feedback from the clients involved in the pilot stated all had expressed a high level of satisfaction to date and documented that added value had been given to their businesses from this new FTT (farm to table) food standard"

So what is ISO 22000 ?

ISO 22000 is principally a recognised set of rules which companies implement with the aim of controlling their Food Safety Managements Systems within their company. The system is based on existing ISO 9001 and HACCP methodologies, however ISO 22000's main attraction is that it is set to harmonise all previous food standards.  Considerable time has been spent in the discussion and draft stages of the ISO 22000 document, and from review the world now has its first universal from farm to table traceable food standard which is firmly set to combine all other previous food standards. The key element to the success of the new standard is its ability to assess and control all stages of the food chain from crops from the farm, to food processing, storage and packaging and the delivery of food products / ingredients from the beginning to the end of the food chain.

ISO 22000 forms part of a family of 22000 standards, documents and guidelines; there are a large number of these associated documents, with new or revised documents being added all the time to inform and increase companies' understanding of requirements and continually improve their Food & Safety business models.

ISO 22000:2005 is predominately based on 3 key documents:
1. ISO 9000:2015      Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary (adapted for Environmental use)
2. ISO 22000:2005     Food Safety Management Systems, Requirements for any organisation in the food chain
3. Codex Alimentarius Food Hygiene Basic Texts. Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, World Health Organisation, Rome, 2001

Where can I find these standards?
To purchase copies of the above standards please follow the links below:
1.    Your National Standards Body:
2.    From the International Organisation for Standardisation:
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Further information about ISO 22000 and related standards?
To find further information about ISO 22000 and related standards follow the links below:
1.    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service:
2.    Your National Standards Body:
3.    From the International Organisation for Standardisation:
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